UK Championship Drag Racing

Easter Thunderball 2011

Team Metamorphosis Racing wins Pro/et at the Easter Thunderball.

We qualified 3rd with a 9.553 on a 9.55 dial in, which was a good start to the weekend. In round one we were against John Turner in the Green Fish Cuda. A good light / reaction of 0.05 meant I was able to get by John and tap the brakes, beating him by about 12 inch’s. Round two was against Paul Bainton who hadn’t lost a race for 15 rounds. I pulled a 0.02 reaction and managed to get around him. Round three was against Billy Gaine and he pulled a red light which gave the round to me. Round four and things were hotting up. Paul Marston and he pulled a 0.009 light. I pulled another 0.02 and ran a 9.41 on a 9.40 dial in and Paul just broke out. Another win. We were now in the final and Bob Molden was our opponent. 9.90 he dialled in and a 9.903 was what he ran. Bang on.! Could I beat that.? You bet I could.! Another 0.02 light and I drove around him and a hole shot win . !!!! Yahooooo.. WIN, WIN, WIN.

To say we were happy was an understatement. We had to work for it and that makes it all the better.