UK Championship Drag Racing

Lass Vega

In 2014 we added another car to the stable, this being a 1972 Chevy Vega driven by my dearest Karen Stevens.

The Las Vegas sign being a play on words calling it LASS VEGA, a girl in a Vega. She races in super street car. We spent the first half of 2014 getting a handle on the car and Karen learning how to drive it. Once we achieved both, there was no looking back. Karen went on to win both the Santa Pod Championship and the National Championship which gave her a number 1 on her car to carry into 2015.

2015 started reasonably well, but the year got harder and harder with engine problems and finally significant damage at the Euros. We re-built the engine at the track but really struggled.

By the National Finals we thought we had fixed our problems, but the car was still running poorly. Somehow we scraped through the event and Karen ends up winning the National championship for a second time.

2016 and Karen will be racing in Pro/ET. A new chapter and much more difficult racers for her to compete with. The car is going to be upgraded and should hopefully get in the 9’s. Watch this space. Good luck to all our fellow racers for next year.

Mike and Karen.988485_10152588922636268_4048622308658071798_n