UK Championship Drag Racing

National Finals 2011

A win for Team Metamorphosis.

We qualified 13th which wasn’t brilliant but when racing starts you’d better watch out !

First round was against Nigel Green in the nitrous powered VW Beatle. It was a good race but the trusted Camaro did its thing.

Second round should really have been against Lee Huxley and an old war wound was itching to be fixed, BUT he lost his first round and we got Gordon Northway. Well Gordon must have been looking at the crowd because I was gone before he moved. He dialled a 9.69 and my 9.55 meant I could cruise to a fairly easy win.

Third round and things started to hot up. Steve Hudson put me in the left lane which meant I couldn’t see his little Altered to well, so I lined him up in the pairing lanes and could see his scoop on his carburetor in my passenger window. That’s where he needs to be. Race starts and I’m chasing him. Closer closer closer, and there’s the scoop. Hit the brakes and wham. There’s the finish line. Who won. ??? Neither of us saw a win light. I picked up the ticket and it was me. By .0020 of a second which equates to about 2 inches.

Forth round and my old friend and semi final victim at Easter, and a semi final again. Paul Marston. This time in his “Whoop Ass Monza” Paul pulled a 0.06 light but not enough against my 0.006 reaction. 9.22 dial in for Paul and a 9.229 run. A good run on any other day, but my 9.56 on a 9.55 dial in did it. Whay.. I was happy to say the least, and Paul was very gracious and respectful of my run. I had to beat Paul as it meant I could now still win the Championship if I won the final.!

Final saw me up against my honourable master, and teacher, Rick McCann (I crewed for Heaven and Hell, for a while where I learned a lot of the sport before I started myself) We both pulled 0.02 lights but Rick’s wheelie was a high one and lost him some time. I went past him, and the win was mine.

Two win trophies out of five meetings, with the Main Event rained off. A fantastic year for Team Metamorphosis Racing, and now 2011 Santa Pod Champion.

Thanks to my crew, Adam, Sam and Karen. Thanks to all the Pro/et sponsors this year. We are looking forward to doing it all again next year.