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Lass Vega

In 2014 we added another car to the stable, this being a 1972 Chevy Vega driven by my dearest Karen Stevens.

The Las Vegas sign being a play on words calling it LASS VEGA, a girl in a Vega. She races in super street car. We spent the first half of 2014 getting a handle on the car and Karen learning how to drive it. Once we achieved both, there was no looking back. Karen went on to win both the Santa Pod Championship and the National Championship which gave her a number 1 on her car to carry into 2015.

2015 started reasonably well, but the year got harder and harder with engine problems and finally significant damage at the Euros. We re-built the engine at the track but really struggled.

By the National Finals we thought we had fixed our problems, but the car was still running poorly. Somehow we scraped through the event and Karen ends up winning the National championship for a second time.

2016 and Karen will be racing in Pro/ET. A new chapter and much more difficult racers for her to compete with. The car is going to be upgraded and should hopefully get in the 9’s. Watch this space. Good luck to all our fellow racers for next year.

Mike and Karen.988485_10152588922636268_4048622308658071798_n

2015 Review

First I’d like to say sorry for not keeping you updated. Here’s a quick review for 2015.

2015 started well with our first outing at Santa Pod, Easter, ending up in the final against Lee Huxley where unfortunately he beat me by a few inches resulting in runner up, but still very good points to start the year.

Onto Springspeed at Shakey where, for some reason, my car just doesn’t seem to work. The good thing was, we took out the Huxleys in the first round, but went out in the second round to Tim Stanbury who went on to win the event.

Then the Main Event, Santa Pod. Again in the final where we met Keith Herbert who unfortunately red lit giving me the win. Im now leading both Santa Pod and National championships.

Summer Nationals, and I’m out first round. A huge red light, which I believe to be a faulty tree, or an issue that was not my fault. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. My luck had ran out. !!

Open sports at Shakey was rained out, with just qualifying completed.

Euro’s and National finals were a disaster and so we finished the season 3rd in the Santa Pod championship and 4th in National Championship.

Looking forward to the 2016 season. See you all there.

New Personal Best ET & MPH!

What a great start to the season. Never knowing what the first race is going to bring we all ventured down to the start line with no knowledge of how the new track surface was going to perform. Wow, was we surprised! The Santa Pod track crew did a fantastic job despite the freezing weather days prior to the event. Even on race weekend the track was so cold but that didn’t deter the track crew who prepped the track to such a high standard that myself and others were running faster and quicker.

The result of this new track, cold conditions and a helpful tailwind enabled the car to perform very well. A new PB at 9.20 @ 147mph.

National Finals 2011

A win for Team Metamorphosis.

We qualified 13th which wasn’t brilliant but when racing starts you’d better watch out !

First round was against Nigel Green in the nitrous powered VW Beatle. It was a good race but the trusted Camaro did its thing.

Second round should really have been against Lee Huxley and an old war wound was itching to be fixed, BUT he lost his first round and we got Gordon Northway. Well Gordon must have been looking at the crowd because I was gone before he moved. He dialled a 9.69 and my 9.55 meant I could cruise to a fairly easy win.

Third round and things started to hot up. Steve Hudson put me in the left lane which meant I couldn’t see his little Altered to well, so I lined him up in the pairing lanes and could see his scoop on his carburetor in my passenger window. That’s where he needs to be. Race starts and I’m chasing him. Closer closer closer, and there’s the scoop. Hit the brakes and wham. There’s the finish line. Who won. ??? Neither of us saw a win light. I picked up the ticket and it was me. By .0020 of a second which equates to about 2 inches.

Forth round and my old friend and semi final victim at Easter, and a semi final again. Paul Marston. This time in his “Whoop Ass Monza” Paul pulled a 0.06 light but not enough against my 0.006 reaction. 9.22 dial in for Paul and a 9.229 run. A good run on any other day, but my 9.56 on a 9.55 dial in did it. Whay.. I was happy to say the least, and Paul was very gracious and respectful of my run. I had to beat Paul as it meant I could now still win the Championship if I won the final.!

Final saw me up against my honourable master, and teacher, Rick McCann (I crewed for Heaven and Hell, for a while where I learned a lot of the sport before I started myself) We both pulled 0.02 lights but Rick’s wheelie was a high one and lost him some time. I went past him, and the win was mine.

Two win trophies out of five meetings, with the Main Event rained off. A fantastic year for Team Metamorphosis Racing, and now 2011 Santa Pod Champion.

Thanks to my crew, Adam, Sam and Karen. Thanks to all the Pro/et sponsors this year. We are looking forward to doing it all again next year.


Easter Thunderball 2011

Team Metamorphosis Racing wins Pro/et at the Easter Thunderball.

We qualified 3rd with a 9.553 on a 9.55 dial in, which was a good start to the weekend. In round one we were against John Turner in the Green Fish Cuda. A good light / reaction of 0.05 meant I was able to get by John and tap the brakes, beating him by about 12 inch’s. Round two was against Paul Bainton who hadn’t lost a race for 15 rounds. I pulled a 0.02 reaction and managed to get around him. Round three was against Billy Gaine and he pulled a red light which gave the round to me. Round four and things were hotting up. Paul Marston and he pulled a 0.009 light. I pulled another 0.02 and ran a 9.41 on a 9.40 dial in and Paul just broke out. Another win. We were now in the final and Bob Molden was our opponent. 9.90 he dialled in and a 9.903 was what he ran. Bang on.! Could I beat that.? You bet I could.! Another 0.02 light and I drove around him and a hole shot win . !!!! Yahooooo.. WIN, WIN, WIN.

To say we were happy was an understatement. We had to work for it and that makes it all the better.

Metamorphosis Wins

Team Metamorphosis Racing wins the Most Professional Appearing Team for 2010.

To be nominated for the SPRC Most Professional Appearing Team trophy was an honour, but that to win was shocking. I feel I’m not worthy of this when I see the existing names on the shield from the last twenty years. To be associated with them and to think others will see my name in future years…! I’ve never won or even been in a final. Maybe this year I will get my chance. I’ve always tried hard to promote this sport and support my fellow racers. I now run the sponsorship scheme as well. The music in the pits at the Summer Nationals was my idea five years ago, and seems to be a hit with everyone, so will continue. I guess most who voted for me were Pro ET racers, so that would be a little unfair to the others as our class is so big. Nevertheless, thanks to all that voted for me. Team Metamorphosis, for one, can’t wait for Easter to get here.

Mike Lacey